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Who is Delaney Morgan?

Delaney Morgan, is the owner and broker in charge of The Highland Company. She lives with her fiancé́, Richard, and their 2 adorable black dogs, Monti and Winston. After growing up in Augusta, GA, she moved to Columbia in 2014 and graduated from USC in 2017. You can find her exploring every coffee shop in Columbia and trying every mac and cheese there is! She loves trying new restaurants, local wine spots and playing quirky board games that ignite the competitive spirit! In her spare time, she is a Guardian Ad Litem for Richland County CASA – an organization focused on advocating for children in the foster system.

How It Started?

Delaney Morgan began her Real Estate career in 2017 after graduating from the University of South Carolina with a dual major in Real Estate and Marketing. She began focusing on first time home buyers, helping people find a starter home to start their family. Her priorities shifted in 2022 when her dad suffered his second stroke. Her father survived but could no longer live independently in Augusta, GA. Delaney became his primary caregiver and moved him into their home where she resides with her fiancé́, Richard.

When it became apparent that her father would not be returning to Augusta, she had to sell her childhood home. It was a tough decision and an emotionally challenging process. The home was built in the 1920’s by Delaney’s Great Grandfather and had remained in the family ever since. She didn’t realize how hard the transaction would be until she was sitting at the closing table and couldn’t stop crying. After experiencing the process of having to sell her family home and part with all of the memories, she created the Highland Company. Her childhood home was on Highland Ave in Augusta, and she wanted to carry that with her everywhere.

Who Does She Work Best With?

  • Families going through the probate or estate process, particularly those who have inherited a property and require guidance on what the next steps for the property are
  • Seniors (aged 50+) seeking assistance with downsizing their homes, whether it’s due to the home being too large, are sick of maintenance, want to move closer to grandkids, or need to transition for health issues
  • Individuals and families who need to relocate from Columbia for work or personal reasons
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