Once probate is closed, your family may decide to sell the property. A probate real estate agent will help you gather the correct paperwork and identify who holds title to the home.

Step 1: Confirming who has the Authority to Sell

The executor of the estate has typically fulfilled the responsibilities of the estate once probate has closed. The heirs or beneficiaries likely will have title transferred to the inherited property.

Step 2: Property Assessment and Preparation

Once you have the green light, assess the property’s condition. Consider a professional inspection to identify any necessary repairs or improvements that could enhance the property’s value. Consult a real estate agent before making any major upgrades, so you avoid spending unnecessary time and energy.

Step 3: Market Analysis and Pricing

Delaney’s tip: Conduct a thorough market analysis. This involves understanding current market trends in Columbia and surrounding areas. Pricing the property correctly is crucial; it should reflect its market value, condition, and location. As a real estate professional, I can provide a comparative market analysis to guide this decision.

Step 4: Marketing the Property

Effective marketing is the backbone of a successful sale. This includes professional photography, compelling property descriptions, and utilizing various platforms to reach potential buyers. Remember, adherence to fair housing regulations is paramount; ensure your marketing strategies are inclusive and non-discriminatory.

Step 5: Negotiating Offers and Closing the Sale

Once offers start coming in, it’s time to negotiate. This step requires a balance between achieving the best possible price and terms for the estate and being realistic about market conditions. After accepting an offer, the closing process involves legal paperwork, title transfers, and finalizing financial transactions.