Here’s the scoop for 2024!

Home Prices: Prices are expected to keep going up, but not as fast as before. So, homes will still be expensive, but the increases might slow down a bit.

Interest Rates: Mortgage rates could rise a bit. That means borrowing money might cost a bit more, but it probably won’t totally mess up the market.

Low Inventory: There won’t be enough homes for sale, especially cheaper ones. It’s like trying to find a seat when the music stops—competitive and not a lot of options.

City vs. Country: Big cities and coastal areas will likely see more action. If you’re okay with living further out, you might find better deals away from the hustle and bustle.

Young Buyers: Millennials and Gen Z are still a big deal. They like eco-friendly homes and cool neighborhoods. If a place isn’t trendy, it might be harder to sell.

Affordability Issues: It’s still tough for first-time buyers. Prices are high, and with higher mrtgage rates, it might be harder to afford a home.

Investing: Real estate is still a good bet for investors. Renting out homes or buying vacation spots can be profitable if you know what you’re doing.

Government Stuff: Pay attention to what the government does. Their rules on housing and taxes can affect how the market works.

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