The probate process can affect real estate deals a lot. When someone passes away, their estate goes through probate to sort out debts, give out assets, like property, and pass ownership to heirs or beneficiaries.

Here’s how it can affect real estate:

1. Waiting: Probate often slows down real estate deals because of court stuff, paperwork, and arguments between heirs.

2. Ownership Problems: Selling property during probate can cause issues with who really owns it or if there are any unpaid bills that need fixing first.

3. Needing Court OK: Sometimes, you need permission from the court to sell or move property during probate, making it more complicated.

4. Money Trouble: Probate can be expensive, with fees, legal costs, and payments to executors, which can affect how much money you get from the sale.

5. Public Info: Probate records are public, which means anyone can see them, affecting privacy.

6. Arguments: Family fights over who gets what from the property can pop up during probate, making things harder.

7. Selling Challenges: Buyers might see probate properties differently, which could affect how much they’re willing to pay. The probate process can impact real estate transactions in various ways, but you don’t have to navigate it alone.

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